C2C Quotes

What is C2C quotes

C2C (peer-to-peer) transactions are also known as "customer-to-customer" transactions in some jurisdictions. Users can directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies through C2C transactions on the C2C trading platform or market. Generally speaking, a C2C trading platform provides a channel for buyers and sellers to publish quotations.

Is the quote provided by SolarPath?

SolarPath does not provide quotations, but is only responsible for collecting quotations from C2C mainstream trading platforms, and these quotations are provided by buyers and sellers.

Quotation accuracy

Quotations are provided by buyers and sellers of mainstream trading platforms. These quotations are transparent. If you want to obtain accurate quotations, you can use the manual-API to provide services. He can specify the transaction quantity for market quotations.

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C2C quotes


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C2C quotation APIs are all POST requests, and the parameters use JSON format.

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