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Welcome to SolarPath docs

Your guide to Web3 development.

Get API-KEY for Free

The SolarPath documentation assists Web3 developers in building world-class applications on blockchain infrastructure. If you don't have an API-KEY yet? Get it for free now

Supported Chains

SolarPath supports both EVM and non-EVM main chains, see the API reference below:

Free Request Quota

You will receive 100,000 free requests per day. Enjoy free access to archival data and the option to scale up as needed.

APIs for Web3

SolarPath's Advanced API is designed to optimize your internal code and enhance development efficiency. Additionally, SolarPath supports standard JSON-RPC methods to ensure compatibility.
Supports standard JSON RPC access, which is one of the popular ways to interact with Web3.
Easily request information related to tokens, such as querying and transactions.
Instantly search, verify, and display any NFTs across major blockchains.
Utilize the Event Hook to listen to events emitted on the chain and receive the ones you are interested in.
Get real-time C2C exchange rates, ensuring fast updates and accurate quotes to earn your customers' trust.
Get real-time pricing data for 2,200+ cryptocurrencies, accurately valuing your assets.
Fiat currency exchange rates are sourced from the global foreign exchange market, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

Getting Started Building Web3 Apps

SolarPath simplifies and enhances the development of Web3 applications by consolidating all the necessary tools into one platform. This includes Ethereum nodes, L2 networks, gas prediction, user-friendly Event Hooks, and other EVM and non-EVM nodes.
  • Create your first App;
  • Easily access API services by checking the connection endpoints provided in the App dashboard for your application;
  • Keep track of monitoring data on the Dashboard to stay informed.
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